Why We Use AI, and Why It Matters

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. Most of us are familiar with Siri, Alexa, and Ok Google…and their comical or frustrating failings. It’s true that AI is still a ways off when it comes to open requests–meaning we can ask it anything at all. But where AI really shines is when it’s used to verify known data elements, especially when we’re talking about hundreds of data elements that would take humans hours, days, or weeks to complete.

At Breakout Contacts we’ve pioneered some really advanced AI that does nothing but find and validate information about people and companies. For example, if you’re researching information about Brandon Leonardo at Instacart, would you immediately know that his Twitter handle is “@shiftb”? The answer is no. But by using AI, where computers can check multiple reference points quickly, we find out with really high accuracy rates that indeed @shiftb is Brandon’s account.

Companies that offer AI-powered contacts research are expensive! They typically charge a high monthly fee (billed annually up-front!) and still limit how many leads you can access. That’s why we deliver our lists for a one-time price and you get everything immediately. The added benefit is that we don’t force you and your team to do the human data clean-up. What do we mean?

AI is awesome for list building, but we never rest on our tin-can laurels. Our AI system builds out extensive and deeply valuable contact data as a first draft. Then the Breakout Contacts team further checks ALL list data using good old-fashioned carbon-based life forms (humans). Between our AI programming and human fact checking, we spend thousands of hours building only the best lists, from the best companies, for the best customers – YOU! The value you get from our lists cannot be matched anywhere else.